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        Waterjet Machining

        Precise, Complex Cutting On Virtually Any Material

        B & S Machine Tool provides complex cutting of virtually any material with its state-of-the-art abrasive waterjet cutting system. Complex flat parts with standard tolerances of +/- .003” can be produced from metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, stone, composites, extremely hard, reflective, and non-conductive materials.

        Part geometry can be provided directly from CAD drawings, computer generated files, or scanned images.

        Superior Quality and Speed

        The B & S Machine Tool system includes an articulating cutting nozzle which automatically compensates for taper to provide a smooth, vertical edge, with no burrs, stresses, or heat-affected areas.

        In addition, our system configuration includes dual 55,000-psi pumps for a 35% cutting speed advantage over standard waterjets.

        ? Maximum material thickness: 7”
        ? Cutting part size: 55” x 100”
        ? Maximum sheet/plate size: 60” x 120”


        Contact Us Today

        Contact B & S Machine Tool today to request a quote and learn how our Aiken, South Carolina production plant can support your business.